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Gas Strut Window Open

Your kitchen is the most important part of your home.  Let's make it even better with the EVO-Flex self-lifting window.  Durable, customizable, secure, and easy-to-use windows will become the centerpiece for family gatherings, summer cookouts, and memories for years to come.

  The Heart Of Your Home


Gas Strut Windows


Our new window is so cool! Quality construction and second-to-none on customer service.

- Sean O.

Size Limits

Width: Up to 8 feet

Height: 3.5-4.5 feet

Color Options

Black, Bronze, White & Sandstone

Click For Color Chart

Glass Options

1/4" Tempered Safety or

1/2" Insulated w/ Low-E Coating

Glass Layout

One to four lites (sections) divided by aluminum mullions

*Depending on glass type and size

Built To Last

Durable aluminum with high-quality all-weather powder coating will keep your window beautiful and functional for years to come


Compression side seals and a large bottom bulb seal keep the elements outside where they belong


Flush-mounted dual interior locks with a sleek brushed finish keep your window secure, stylish and easy to use

UV Blocking

Our insulated Low-E glass option is perfect for thermal insulation and reducing destructive UV rays and glare

Hand-Crafted Quality You Can Count On

Each EVO-Flex window is meticulously custom-engineered and made in the USA by skilled craftsmen to ensure your window is built to last.  Our proprietary aluminum extrusions combine durability with a sleek modern look,  specifically engineered for today's high-end modern homes.

High-quality components come together with precision tolerances and beautiful finishing details, and each product's finish is applied in our own powder coating facility.  This ensures tight quality control for each window we create, and lasting, durable beauty you can enjoy for years to come.


High Performance Weather Seals Keep Water Out

Compression weather seals on the window's frame ensure your home stays comfortable and dry during inclement weather and keeps pesky bugs out when your window is closed.  A high-quality bulb seal on the bottom of the window seals to your countertop for extra protection and remarkable durability.

The overlapping design of the window's outer flange not only hides the gas-struts from view when your window is closed, but also serves double-duty as an additional water deterrent. 


Dual Flush-Mounted Locks For Extra Security

The little details make the EVO-Flex different from other swing-out windows.  Beautiful brushed chrome locking bolts are flush mounted to each side of the opening to ensure proper sealing while securing your home when the window is not in use. 

These easy-to-use locks are less intrusive than the typical swing-open window locks used by other manufacturers.


Glass Choices Give You Flexibility & Design Options

Your new EVO-Flex comes with your choice of 1/4" tempered safety glass or 1/2" insulated Low-E glass and the ability to design your custom window with 1-4 sections of glass.

The insulated Low-E option is great for thermal protection and limiting glare and UV rays, keeping your home comfortable in any climate.  The two panes of glass are separated by an insulating airspace, which also reduces sound transmission for a more peaceful home.

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