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Our electric linear actuator system provides the raw power needed to lift the door and keep it safely open, without the need for loud and leaky hydraulic pumps and hoses.  They're much quieter than traditional cable and strap doors or hydraulic systems because they are powered by a regular 110V outlet, and come with a standard Battery Backup System, you can count on your EVO-Vue or EVO-Wave to work when you need it.  EVO-Doors is the leader in architectural openings for flex spaces with the most features and value.  Request your quote today to get started.

Starting at $12,500*

*Plus Shipping & Tax



Blue Skies

Our gas strut swing-out system provides the lifting without the electrical connection!  The manually operated, self-lifting EVO-Flex windows are easy to install and designed with dual locks, powder coating, and full perimeter weather seals.  There is no better way to create flexibility between indoor and outdoor spaces such as kitchens and patios.  Give us a call today or submit a request for pricing by clicking the "Request A Quote" button below.

Pricing from $4,500-6,000*

*Plus Shipping & Tax

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