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  • How much does an EVO system cost?
    Our systems range in price due to size, glass chosen, and other features or options such as motorized screen systems, and both models start at around $10,000.
  • What is the largest size offered?
    Our max sizes for the Evo-Vue are 12'w x 8'h and the Evo-Wave is 10'w x 10'h
  • What is the smallest size offered?
    The minimum dimensions for the Vue are 4'w x 4'h and for the Wave is 4'w x 7.5'h
  • Is it good for cold climates?
    Full perimeter weather seals and insulated glass make them great for any climate.
  • What is the U-Value?
    Depending on the type of glass: 1/4" Tempered - 1.02 1" Insulated Clear Tempered - 0.47 1" Insulated Low-E - 0.29
  • Can they be manually operated?
  • What are the installation options?
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